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VRLab Academy Virtual Science Experiments.mp4

Virtual Science and Engineering Laboratories

VRLAB is The worlds leading provider for virtual science laboratories covering high schools subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and common Elementary Science.

XR in Schools

Augmented Virtual Reality (XR) is the future of smart education, and these technologies are good for educators and students alike. Educators will be able to capture the attention of their students like never before and get them more actively involved in the classroom

Immersive 3D XR Content for zSpace

VIVED's lifelike 3D models spans a wide range of natural anatomy, as well as biological and mechanical structures. Instructors can use the content in a lecture environment to demonstrate terms, labels, and spatial relationships between objects in all our simulators covering subjects of : Anatomy, Botany, Geology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Paleontology, Physics, Zoology, Earth, Mathematics and Mechanical.

XR in Higher Education

Working in the oilfield is an around the clock occupation that implements serious safety requirements due to the numerous hazards involved. One of the main hazards of the drilling industry is the very real potential for fires and explosions. The XR technology would scan the equipment, identify the problem, and flash a reminder on the headset stating that the machinery needs to be turned off before proceeding .

XR in Civil Defense

Effective and efficient training is critical to the successful resolution of emergencies, disasters, or security events. However, the lack of available time, personnel, and resources combined with budgetary constraints, safety and security issues and environmental concerns make many situations impossible to train for in a practical and valuable way. AVR 3D simulators offers great opportunities to over come these challenges.

  • Operator Training Simulator (OTS)

  • Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulators (MPDS)

  • Virtual Environments and Digital Twin (VEDiT)

  • Classroom Simulations (CS)

  • Engineering Services (ES)

  • Major Emergency Management (MEM)

  • Hardware Training Systems (HTS)

Dynamic Process Simulation

TSC's dynamic simulations are designed for high fidelity cost effective modeling of process. The simulation models are designed for basic, advanced and competence assessment.