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Vocational Hydraulics and Manufacturing

Fun2 allows students to explore simulated 3D model components and animations to develop the fundamentals needed in a wide variety of manufacturing processes, including hydraulics, production, logistics and maintenance and pneumatic powered systems.

Vocational Automotive and Robotics

GTAFE allows students to bring the textbooks to life with a particular focus on preparing them for industry standards. Content includes electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic principles. Students will explore complex standards and explore how these principles work together.

zSpace Inspire Hologram Laptop

zSpace announce the release of worlds first AVR 3D Laptop using Hologram display system utilising the increasing demand for such technology. Now users can enjoy the full zSpace Applications suit without wearing 3D/2D glasses. for more details, visit this link

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Preparing online AVR based Lessons by EON-XR.

Incorporating Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) into K-12 STEAM Curriculum

AVR Vocational Training for Automotive, Mechanical Electrical, Industrial and Robotics Engineering

Refinery Operator Training Simulator - Dynamic Process Control from TSC