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ZENA Technology powerful network of key development, technology, and partners help our clients achieve success and get the most value out of their technology investments. Our alignment with both market leaders and emerging players allow us to deliver a more complete solution to our customers. Working together with technology market leaders complements and extends our solutions and capabilities, while strengthening our ability to help customers achieve success.

zSpace for K-12 School and Vocational Applied Training.  The zSpace learning experience consists of hardware, software and educational 3D content that exceeds 50 interactive simulation applications: Studio, Leopoly, Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Astrology, Geology), Human Anatomy, Health Science and Public Services, advanced manufacturing skills, Agri-Science and Transportation.


Whether in a classroom, industrial, or corporate scenario, EON-XR can supplement or replace traditional training and education methods by introducing user-friendly immersive 3D lessons and content supporting ALL-Things: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, HMD (HTC, Oculus, MagicLeap, Hololens).

Leading Provider Dynamic Process Simulations

TSC Simulation is to provide innovative and technically advanced interactive dynamic process simulators for training and engineering. The complete simulation range is now available for immediate Cloud Delivery for market segments of : Oil and Gas, Universities, Chemical and Petrochemical, Food Drinks and Pharmaceuticals, LNG and Gas Transmission, Nuclear and Steel Production and Processing.

ADMS is a world-class virtual reality simulation platform from ETC Simulation, that presents real-world situations for incidents training purposes. Trainees gain the confidence, practical experience, and decision-making skills needed to successfully resolve real-life incidents in a safe and repeatable environment at a lower cost without disturbing daily operations.

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